Planning Oversight & Planning Team

Planning Oversight:
The work of the Master Plan will be overseen by Bloomington Parks and Recreation and guided by a Steering Committee and a Technical Review Committee.  The Steering Committee serves as a sounding board to guide master plan process and is comprised of approximately 25 public and private stakeholders.  The Technical Review Committee serves as the decision-making body to guide master plan process and is comprised of representatives from City of Bloomington  Administration, Parks, Public Works, Planning, Economic and Sustainable Development, and Utilities.  Both Committees will meet four times with the first meetings beginning in January 2012.


Planning & Design Team:

City of Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department

Rundell Ernstberger Associates, LLC | Lead Designer and Landscape Architect

Butler, Fairman & Seufert, Inc. | Civil Engineering and Hydrology

Eden Collaborative | Redevelopment Planning, Zoning and Implementation

Greenstreet, Ltd. | Development Consultant, Market Feasibility, Economics

Bledsoe, Riggert & Guerrettaz, Inc. | Land Surveying and Utility Planning

Bruce Carter Associates | Environmental Remediation

Eco Logic, LLC | Ecological Restoration