Design Concepts

    PLEASE NOTE: the below images are a brief overview of the presentation of the master plan concepts.   To view the entire presentation and have a better understanding of each concept, click here to download the PDF.

























    PLEASE NOTE: the below images are a brief overview of the presentation of the master plan concepts.   To view the entire presentation and have a better understanding of each concept, click here to download the PDF.



    • Mariann511

      Wow, these are great designs! I am so very excited for either one of these plans to become a reality for our area. We desperately need a space like this so first of all, thank you, thank you for this process and for including our input.  My preference out of the two plans is concept one mainly because I like how the event stage and cafe are together. I think that is logical given that when events take place, people will want to buy something right there rather than walking over to the concession area as concept 2 shows.  Also, I like the cafe being right next to the spray/water area as I can see myself as a parent sitting at the cafe and watching my children play in the water, however I see a benefit to them being separated as well.  I also like how there are trees separating the spray area from the busy street. Love the climbing walls and the “reshaped mound”.  That space would be wonderful with some diversity in the landscape. Wonderful!

      Mariann Bernlohr, MFC Resident

    • Jeremy

      The axon is a little deceiving because I think it favors concept #2 (where the SE corner is planned as a gateway).  I think concept #1 would make an incredible statement if a rendering was done looking from Illinois street though.  Also, (while it would take a LOT of trees to provide the sense of enclosure implied by the plan view) I think concept #1 has the potential to provide this on the performance lawn space.  concept 1 also externalizes a lot of the energy (splash park, dog park, playground) which helps to provide a nice visual vitality to the park.  My only critique for #1 (taken from #2) is the view corridors to the performance lawn.  I would love to see viewsheds/entrances from the SE and NE on concept #1 (in place of the tree break directly East) so drivers could more easily catch views into the park (you don’t often glance 90 degrees to your left/right while driving) and also to allow this more heavily trafficked street to be buffered with plantings.

      All in all, wonderful concepts and renderings.  The community is lucky to have such great designers in town!

    • Csaalfrank

      I like the designs.  Has adding a police post or addressing security/safety been a consideration for the space?  Beer bottles laying around, basketball court altercations, and other shenanigans have kept us away from the current park for some time. 

    • GuestMK

      Great designs and really appreciate the consideration for a variety of community activities (not everyone has kids, so it is nice to go to a park and find a little place for all of us to enjoy). In the first concept plan, I am sure there are a number of cost benefits by combining the cafe and stage – however, since this is a little larger stage, I wonder if the logistics of having an event would be complicated as all the “background” operators or equipment would be behind the stage…which in turn, would be overlapping with diners, kids at the splash park, etc. (Or perhaps this has been taken in to consideration already and is fine.) Secondly, the cafe will be a big part of this park being a destination – however, will it be visible/accessible enough from the street and passer-bys to get the kind of foot traffic that it will need to stay profitable? Too often these places are buried into a development and are not used by outsiders. Just a thought and can’t wait! 

    • Riegel

      I like the basketball courts on the southwest corner, away from MLK and residences, in full view of passersby.

      T Park is too small to be a “destination park.”  Check acreage of other “destination parks” before squeezing in so many functions.  And what about parking for the so many users? 

      A small presentation platform is OK, but no amphtheater or big stage,and no deafening concerts!  Again, parking?
      Check with JCC before establishing a cafe.  2800 members and never a cafe that is financially successful.  Check with
      Melody Inn regarding cafe. What about the  deli accross the street on Illinois street that was unsuccessful?

      IF policing and maintenance is financially feasible, toilets would be nice.

      Walking paths, more play area for the younger kids, splash areas dog parks are good.  And thanks for keeping the tennis courts, which are more used that much of the park.   Courts suitable for a soccer league might be desirable, if an operator is available.

      The park definitely needs some added features;  it is underutilized.  I only see folks in picnic shelter, kids play area, basketball and tennis courts.  Even walking paths and benches might create an increase in traffic.