Intern Spotlight: Carly Jones

Our spring planning intern, Carly Jones, has completed her time with us but will continue to make us proud as she continues her Urban Planning degree at the University of Cincinnati. Carly told us she most enjoyed the clients, citizens, and coworkers she met while working with us. In her own words, “My amazing planning team was there rooting for me at every point along the way. Every question was answered and there was no stone left unturned.” For example, she was able to form strong professional bonds and skills through the Greenfield Comprehensive Plan by assisting with project mapping, research, and outreach.

Carly’s capstone project introduced biophilic design on a sample commute route for a New York City resident, who might see little to no natural vegetation in their daily life. We firmly believe that equity is a necessity in modern design - that something as outwardly simple as interacting with organic materials can have profound impacts. She proposed several functional ways in which to incorporate plants into the city streets and subway, backed by in depth research. Carly exemplifies our drive to become stewards of the environment, and of the people who live there.

The capstone project, and our internship program, is one of the ways in which we manifest two of our firm’s core values; life-long learning and contribution. Within our studio, we foster a learning environment where we prioritize teaching, mentoring, dialogue, research, technology, and an openness to learn. We believe that each person’s contributions have purpose, no matter their experience level or length of tenure. That purpose also comes with a responsibility to treat the environment with care, to enhance the beauty of our surroundings, and contribute to the development of healthy, sustainable, and resilient communities.

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