Intern Spotlight: Jaclyn Mauro

Jaclyn Mauro recently completed her spring internship with us and will be taking the experience she gained with her as she continues her Urban Planning degree at the University of Cincinnati. She most enjoyed being able to travel for project meetings, such as focus groups, community workshops, and steering committees. Reflecting on her time with us, Jaclyn says, “Being able to jump from data analysis to 3D modeling to writing policy has been so beneficial to my learning as a continuing student...” She got to exercise her growing skills with Greenfield’s Comprehensive Plan in particular, where she was able to take part in leading community workshops and high-level writing.

Jaclyn ended her internship with her capstone presentation “University of Cincinnati Connectivity Plan,” where she proposed a redesign of a main intersection on campus. The redesign turns a once-dangerous multi-lane road into a safe crossing for the thousands of pedestrians travelling onto campus. She harnessed our belief in searching for common ground, utilizing Landscape Architects as mentors in the project to ensure a well-rounded approach. Jaclyn has future plans to present her work to the team in charge of updating the campus’ master plan. At REA, we believe every action and exploration is capable of contributing to the greater good.

The capstone project, and our internship program, is one of the ways in which we manifest two of our firm’s core values; life-long learning and contribution. Within our studio, we foster a learning environment where we prioritize teaching, mentoring, dialogue, research, technology, and an openness to learn. We believe that each person’s contributions have purpose, no matter their experience level or length of tenure. That purpose also comes with a responsibility to treat the environment with care, to enhance the beauty of our surroundings, and contribute to the development of healthy, sustainable, and resilient communities.

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