Carter Green

The revitalization of a civic green space to provide a home for the farmers’ market and a Winter Holiday Village adjacent to one of Carmel’s most iconic destinations, the Performing Arts Center.


City of Carmel, Carmel Redevelopment Commission

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Carmel, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Daniel Showalter, City of Carmel

A once inactive and underutilized space, we helped reimagine a new civic green space that is now Carter Green. The space now features a rich calendar of programming including festivals, markets, musical performances, and community events. Located in the heart of Carmel’s Cultural District and adjacent to the city’s most iconic destination, The Palladium Center for Performing Arts and The Booth Tarkington Theater, the space has become a vibrant center of activity.

We led a multidisciplinary team of architects, engineers and graphic artists in the preparation of full design and construction administration services in the transformation of this $6-million project. The carefully designed improvements were driven by the need for flexibility and increased programming to create multiple reasons for visitors to explore and linger. Consequently, a new winter market and ice-skating rink was established and an enhanced farmers market that operates annually from May to October. These new features generated activities that connect residents together and result in many social benefits for park users.

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Commissioned by the Carmel Redevelopment Commission, REA orchestrated the project’s overall vision and technical follow through. The multipurpose space is activated with year-round programming and events to capitalize on the growing vitality of the area’s cultural facilities. New programming and design features included: Winter Market (Christkindlmarkt); Ice Skating; Holiday at Center Green; Holiday Trolley; Festival of Ice; Marathon Staging/Finish; Farmers Market; Live music at Center Green Amphitheater.

Celebrating its second year of completion, the revitalized Carmel Center Green has seen a significant increase in visitors and use. The summer farmer’s market is one of most visited markets in the state of Indiana. In 2018 the Christkindlmarkt and Ice at Center Green generated over $1-million with over 328,000 visitors during its 6-week festival. The Center Green has already created considerable positive social and economic impacts for the city and its residents.

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