Wabash River Northern Reach Master Plan

The Wabash River Northern Reach Master Plan was the culmination of a year-long master planning effort to craft a collective community vision for this 600-acre area along the Wabash River. REA was commissioned by the Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) to complete the master plan and schematic design and engage a broad spectrum of stakeholders, constituencies, interest groups and the general public in the planning process.


Wabash River Enhancement Corporation

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West Lafayette, IN




Planning, Urban Design

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A comprehensive inventory and analysis of the existing site comprised the first two phases of work and resulted in a thorough understanding of the economic, environmental, and social conditions that impact the site and the inherent opportunities and constraints to the development of the park and adjacent properties.

Conducted in four distinct phases - Inventory, Analysis, Design Workshop, and Master Planning - the planning process involved significant integration of community input and engagement through multiple public meetings and a design workshop.

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A three-day Design Workshop was conducted to solicit community ideas and to develop preliminary development concepts. Upon completion of the design workshop, we worked closely with WREC to prepare and refine the preferred master plan concept.

The resulting study detailed an implementation plan that prepared and included cost estimates, phasing and prioritization, and an analysis of new tax revenues to support the project as a result of projected private development. Planning is currently underway to advance the project into the next stages of design and implementation.

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