Holliday Park Playground

The cherished Holliday Park playground, a well-known and beloved destination in Indianapolis, is poised for a transformative reimagination. Evolving into a truly inclusive, engaging, versatile, and vibrant commons, the upcoming design assures a playground and park space of unparalleled appeal. Carefully crafted to embrace visitors of all backgrounds and intentionally designed to foster a connection with the natural world, these revitalized amenities are set to draw residents and visitors alike throughout the seasons. It is destined to become one of the city's iconic open spaces, symbolizing a new era of communal enjoyment and connection with nature.


Holliday Park Foundation, Indy Parks & Recreation

Project Size:

5 acres


Indianapolis, IN


JQOL, KBSO, Schneider Geomatics, CTL Engineering



Landscape Architecture, Community Engagement

In Association With:



The public engagement process yielded a definitive set of goals and objectives that served as the guiding force behind significant decision-making. Among the core objectives, the emphasis on preserving the park's natural aesthetic, creating an enticing play destination, and ensuring an enjoyable visitor experience influenced every aspect of the design process. From selecting materials to incorporating nods to native flora, the commitment to crafting a welcoming space for all park visitors is evident. This is also manifested in ample shade, well-placed seating areas, opportunities for family and group gatherings, and, notably, an inclusive playground designed for children of all abilities to delight in.

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This eagerly awaited project is estimated to open in 2025. Once finished, visitors will be treated to a one-of-a-kind playspace, seamlessly integrated into one of the City's most iconic open areas in central Indiana. If you're interested in delving deeper into the new design or would like to contribute to securing funding for this endeavor, click here.

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