Broadway Square

Broadway Square is the reimagining a half-acre civic plaza in downtown Fargo as part of a new, mixed-used development. The plaza complements the city’s ongoing revitalization efforts. The space creates a gathering space for the community by transforms an existing underutilized space into a highly-programmed public space that can be used year-round for a variety of events.


Block 9 Partnership, LLC

Project Size:


Fargo, ND



October 2020


Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

In Association With:




Daniel Francis

A central lawn is designed for a variety of community events. It is covered by catenary lighting and surrounded by light and sound towers. A performance stage and an interactive water feature activates the space day and night. The space can also accommodate an 60’ x 100’ ice rink in the winter.

Flexibility was a key design principal. Moveable seating, dining areas, outdoor game tables allow visitors to choose from a variety of activities. An area was created for festivals such as the farmers’ market throughout the summer. Fire pits, warming huts, ice skate rental, mechanical equipment for the ice rink, and a Christmas tree are all incorporated into the space for wintertime programming.

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Native plantings mimic the indigenous North Dakota prairie landscape, while bosques of native trees provide shade and scale. The paving patterns were crafted to mimic agricultural furrows. Local artists created custom pieces that were incorporated throughout the space to celebrate the city’s cultural heritage.

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