Flat Fork Creek Park

Flat Fork Creek Park is a 60-acre environmental park and recreational playground. But before it was a park, it was a farm. Located along the rural edges of Hamilton County and adjacent to a developing residential neighborhood, the existing site was largely flat with approximately two feet of elevation change except for a patch of dense woods around the creek.


City of Fishers, Parks & Recreation Department

Project Size:

30 acres





Landscape Architecture

In Association With:


2018 IN-ASLA Environmental Stewardship, Honor Award
2019 KY-ASLA Design Award


Daniel Showalter

Leading the team, we developed a site plan to transform the farm field into four topographic levels: creek, ground-level, mid-level, and tree-top. Integrating exploration and play within the natural habitats was a key design approach. We emphasized natural drainage patterns, retaining water in select areas, and recreating rolling hills and ridges. We preserved native vegetation, including 10 acres of the existing forest. We reforested 12 acres with 1,600 native trees and installed 32 acres of native seeding.

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The park is a diverse landscape encouraging exploration. At each topographic level, visitors will discover a new perspective. They’ll find peaceful creek waters and a 1.5-mile trail loop with an elevated boardwalk winding through a canopy of old-growth trees. Looking further, they’ll find three individually-crafted treehouses and a 2-mile progressive bicycle course. In a world driven by structure, time, and technology, Flat Fork Creek Park makes space for everyone to slow down and connect to the land.

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