Orland Square

Orland Square is a new family-friendly recreational and entertainment space for all ages. We were brought on by a national retail developer to transform 1.8 acres of asphalt parking to a welcoming green space, filled with a playground and richly programmed amenities. The project brings a renewed emphasis on engaging outdoor activities to attract visitors and provide a place to linger.


Project Size:

2 acres


Orland, IL




Landscape Architecture

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This innovative concept is an effort to revitalize and invigorate the mall environment into a vibrant indoor/outdoor place. As reported recently by many national publications and trend reports, “the future of the mall is not only about shopping… they must be engaging, multi-purpose destinations.”

The design for Orland Square includes a new playground, multiple sitting areas and work spaces, an interactive water feature, a mounded climbing area, a flexible event lawn, a small performance stage, and space for food trucks.

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The multi-purpose lawn can host a variety of programmed activities throughout the year including yoga or live music. Within the playground, equipment includes climbing towers, tunnels, swings, spinners, climbing holds, and slides. Additional site improvements will offer a pedestrian drop off and accessible parking spaces.

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