Bloomington Gateways Plan

This plan outlines a series of gateways for the City of Bloomington, Indiana that were inspired by the extraordinary depth of the city’s culture and history. Through research and conversations with the public, our design team translated the city’s story and identity into a robust palette of complementary forms and materials.


City of Bloomington

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Bloomington, IN




Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

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RLR Associates



The proposed concepts included matching east and west gateways featuring monumental, internally lit letters spelling out “BLOOMINGTON” atop assemblies of limestone quarry block. The installations are surrounded by large swathes of native wildflowers and trees in an arrangement designed to resemble traces of Bloomington’s famed limestone industry succumbing to the resiliency of the natural environment - a common feature of the local landscape.

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An additional concept proposed an expansion of Miller Showers Park to create the setting for a grand northern entrance to the city. At this highly prominent location, a tall and slender landmark known as the “Bloom Pavilion” gracefully punctuates the moment of arrival through a combination of natural materials, light, and dramatic form.

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