Advance Monroe, Comprehensive Plan

This updated comprehensive plan includes new strategies to guide the community’s future direction in a progressive and insightful way.


City of Monroe

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Monroe, OH




Land Use Planning, Community Engagement, Downtown Planning, Mobility Planning

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The City of Monroe, Ohio is centrally located between Cincinnati, Ohio and Dayton, Ohio along Interstate 75. It spans into an eastern section of Butler County and a western portion of Warren County. Through the early 2000's, the city experienced dramatic growth, increasing its population by approximately 75% between 2000 and 2010. Since then, Monroe has continued to grow at a moderate pace.

To begin the process of updating the plan, a complete review of the 2010 comprehensive plan was necessary to determine which elements and goals had been accomplished and which had not been successfully implemented. Therefore, meriting reconsideration.

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The 2040 plan identifies community issues and concerns and include policy statements, goals, objectives, guidelines, maps, illustrations and graphics. These serve as a framework for the development of land use policy, which provided solid rationale for resulting updates to their zoning map. This framework also provides clear and predictable guidance to developers, stakeholders, and citizens. It also helps the city to preserve cooperative relationships within the Monroe community and its neighbors, with whom they can establish policies and priorities for coordinated development.

The process and plan build upon the recently established residential growth policy options and recreational and park development goals. We also created strategies to encourage economic development, sustainability, and general improvements for the continued increase in quality of life for its residents and businesses. The plan recognizes the land use plans of its neighboring jurisdictions and works to create a compatible plan.

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