Old City Park

One of Greenwood’s most historic public spaces, Old City Park has undergone a dramatic transformation. The core concept for its new identity is to reconnect and restore - improvements were made through the creation of new landscape spaces, restored ecologies and major pedestrian connections that have a city-wide impact.


City of Greenwood, Parks & Recreation

Project Size:

7 acres


Greenwood, IN



October 2020


Landscape Architecture

In Association With:

Alt & Witzig Engineering, Hines, Lynch, Harrison & Brumleve, RQAW, Schneider, The Engineering Collaborative



Hadley Fruits

The park’s active features, circulation corridors, and pathways were located on higher ground above the low-lying floodplain, preserving and enhancing the site’s natural features and systems while mitigating maintenance and operational challenges. This approach resulted in activated and inviting edges along the park’s perimeter that overlook the park’s central, restored stream corridor and habitat zone.

A new playscape features play zones arranged to create a free-flowing, expansive playscape. Foosball tables and cornhole boards for older teens and parents are integrated alongside the children’s area. A retaining wall forms a backdrop to the entire playscape and provides a linear play feature with artificial turf berms, a custom hillside net, climbing holds, and sensory panels.

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Custom shade structures with porch swings provide views of the event lawn and native prairie beyond.

A pedestrian and bicycle promenade creates a central spine and connects to a custom pedestrian bridge. This provides unobstructed views of the creek and native prairie, which mitigates flooding and provide an ecological educational opportunity. The plant palette includes 180 shade, evergreen, and ornamental trees and advances the city’s efforts to achieve the region’s first Arboretum Accreditation Level 1.

Bocce ball courts with catenary lighting attract users day and night, while an adjacent fitness circuit provides additional opportunities for physical activity with an uninterrupted panoramic view of the park.

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