Jasper Courthouse Square Redevelopment

The Courthouse Square Redevelopment in Jasper, Indiana is an ambitious modernization of a mid-century streetscape. Surrounded by historic commercial buildings, with the Dubois County Courthouse at its center, the infrastructure in the square had not seen significant reinvestment for decades.  


City of Jasper

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Jasper, IN




Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

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With input from community stakeholders and the city, we developed a plan to create a curb-free festival square. Our approach prioritizes pedestrian movement and allows flexibility to set up festivals and events in the square in different configurations. We narrowed vehicular lanes and converted on-street parking areas to permeable pavers. We widened sidewalks and made the mall fully accessible. We added 30 street trees to curbed planters and prepared designs for four corner nodes – outdoor rooms for people to meet, gather, and socialize.

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Our design captures a 100-year storm event in the square with zero runoff. Inaccessible slopes will be rebuilt as curb-free accessible pedestrian routes and vehicular traffic will be slowed. The increased exterior amenities will make the square a more desirable place to linger, shop, and dine.

We incorporated subtle nods to Jasper’s history of woodworking and stone masonry into the site detailing. The modern design for the courthouse square transforms an outdated expanse of vehicular pavements into a model of accessibility and sustainability.

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