University Parkway Corridor Plan

The purpose of the plan was to protect the diverse land use character throughout the corridor; leverage investment and capacity of new sanitary sewers and a pump station under construction in the area; make University Parkway a limited access thoroughfare while ensuring safe and efficient multi-modal movement of vehicles and build consensus among vastly different viewpoints within the public regarding growth.


Vanderburgh County Area Plan Commission & Evansville Metropolitan Planning Organization

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Evansville, IN




Planning, Urban Design, Community Engagement

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Lochmuller Group; Powers Engineering



University Parkway serves an important role in western Vanderburgh County. This route connects State Route 62 (Lloyd Expressway) and the University of Southern Indiana north to State Route 66 (Diamond Avenue). The plan addresses the location, type, quantity, and quality of land use, transportation, and utility facilities along University Parkway.  However, this study does not cover all the transportation issues within the area. The Lloyd Expressway (SR 62/66) Corridor Study, which occurred in tandem with the University Parkway Corridor Plan, addresses the Lloyd Expressway and University Parkway interchange.

The plan includes a detailed analysis of existing conditions including a market analysis to provide direction on the amount of certain future land uses that could feasibly be developed along the corridor.

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During the early stages of the process, three development scenarios were created to test potential future land use options that could occur under different policy decisions. To help property owners, stakeholders, and the public understand the impacts of the policy under each scenario, the consultant team prepared a scenario report.  This report laid out the three different scenarios and their different focuses.  For each scenario, a written description was provided as well as the amount of acres devoted to each land use and the amount of units or square feet for residential or nonresidential, respectively. An analysis of the impacts on the transportation and utility systems were also presented for each scenario. While the images helped the public visually see the impacts of each scenario, the numbers quantified the impacts so comparisons could be made between each scenario and the pros and cons could be evaluated and an informed opinion rendered on which scenario was most appropriate based on the vision and goals.

Using public opinion, existing physical and market conditions, and the guidance of local officials a recommended scenario was created. The Vision for Vanderburgh County’s University Parkway Corridor will continue to be a scenic, safe, and accessible thoroughfare for all. To achieve this, the corridor will encourage safe multi-modal transportation ,balanced growth, and preservation of natural assets. Access to the Parkway will be limited and managed to allow for efficient traffic flow. All modes of transportation will have appropriate facilities providing safe and easy access along and around University Parkway. Growth along the corridor will be managed so that impacts to the rural character are minimal, while providing neighborhood commercial, services, and residential development. This new development will not be prioritized over existing natural and agricultural land to preserve the rural appeal of the University Parkway Corridor.

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