Tarkington Park

A destination urban park with a unique sense of place that celebrates the community’s diverse history and culture, attracts a wide variety of users, and provides a distinctive park experience.


City of Indianapolis, Parks & Recreation

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Indianapolis, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Susan Fleck

As part of the planning process, we facilitated a community design workshop, incorporating input from all stakeholder groups in the planning process.

The new park sought to celebrate the park’s connection to Booth Tarkington, the Indiana author after whom the park is named, and renowned Indiana architect Edward Pierre, who advocated for the park’s creation and designed the original tennis shelter in 1957. Based on input gathered at the community design charrette, the proposed design will serve the surrounding urban neighborhoods, creating a place for all to enjoy and take pride in, and support planned community redevelopment initiatives.

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Intended to serve a wide variety of visitors, promote activity and community engagement, and provide accommodations for both active and passive uses, the proposed park elements include an innovative playground, spray plaza, urban dog park, café, restrooms, performance stage, events lawn, basketball and tennis courts, walking paths, sitting gardens, public art, and farmer’s market pavilion.

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