Purdue University, Pao Hall Plaza

We were commissioned to transform a one-block segment of Wood Street into a pedestrian mall and events terrace to serve as both an entrance to Pao Hall and a setting for gatherings.


Purdue University

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West Lafayette, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Daniel Showalter

A large brick plaza with limestone seatwalls forms the center of the space. From the plaza, walkways weave outward through perennial and ornamental grass beds, lawn panels and shade trees.  

Pao Hall Plaza establishes spatial continuity and transition to the Agriculture Mall to the west and forms the foreground for the ‘Transformation’ Sculpture. Art pedestals throughout the plaza host temporary sculptural exhibits.

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Adjacent to the parking lot, we located gardens to help mitigate stormwater runoff.  A new accessible drop-off provides convenient staff and student access.

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