Grow Spring Valley, Comprehensive Plan

A comprehensive plan focused on revitalizing the downtown core, creating economic development opportunities toward the interstate, and increasing housing diversity in this historic community in the center of the Illinois Valley.


City of Spring Valley

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Spring Valley, IL




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REA created a new comprehensive plan for the City of Spring Valley, Illinois. This plan will be the City’s first complete update since the existing 1970 plan was adopted. Much has changed in Spring Valley since that time including construction of a Walmart distribution center and other industrial development, addition of numerous residential subdivisions, significant expansion of the municipal limits through annexation, and changes to the demographic profile of the city. Despite new commercial and industrial development, Spring Valley has experienced a slight decline in population and an increase in downtown commercial vacancy.

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The plan is organized around four primary frameworks. They include: Land Use & Community Form, Transportation & Utilities, Downtown, and Quality of Life. Each framework topic includes a map and series of goals and objectives. Key recommendations are described with additional graphics and supporting text. An implementation action plan is detailed for each framework topic. The implementation plan describes both the short-term actions and long-term initiatives needed to realize the plan vision and goals. By differentiating these actions, the City can begin plan implementation even under the current resource limitations, while also advocating for the bigger picture, longer-term initiatives that will require significant outside partners and resources.

The planning process was guided by the City Council and a project steering committee. In addition to a project website that was maintained throughout the process, community input opportunities included online surveys, two public open houses, and a booth at the Cinco de Mayo Festival. A number of small stakeholder meetings was also held, including two meetings with students at the local high school. These specific efforts were made to gather input from groups that may not have otherwise been represented in the planning process.

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