Fishers Gateways Master Plan & Implementation

This project began with a master plan process in order to holistically assess all future gateway and wayfinding opportunities. Then we worked with the city to formulate subsequent design and construction documents to realize their priority projects.  


City of Fishers

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Fishers, IN




Planning, Landscape Architecture

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RLR Associates



Our work included assessing existing conditions, developing consistent wayfinding standards, and creating design options to express the city’s character through wayfinding and gateway features.

The master plan outlined the importance of gateways and wayfinding in enhancing the community’s economic development as well as design criteria for its implementation. This project included an inventory of the existing wayfinding signage system to identify circulation patterns, decision points, and locations of major destinations. Our team then assessed sites throughout Fishers to determine gateway locations, including several roundabouts  at key gateway intersections. Using this information, a wayfinding strategy, design criteria, and conceptual gateway designs for twelve locations were developed.

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The designs of the gateways reflect the unique attributes of various districts, while maintaining a consistent design palette for cohesiveness. The new gateway features and signage communicate the community and values. They also strive to create a sense of place that will advance the city’s growth and development as a unique destination in Indiana.

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