Maui Title 19 Zoning Update

We were engaged as subconsultants to Orion Planning + Design to conduct a comprehensive audit of Maui County, Hawaii's county-wide zoning code. Prior to the initiation of the audit, Title 19 had not been through a comprehensive review or rewrite since 1960.


Maui County

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Ordinance development

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Orion Planning + Design



The team conducted in-depth site analyses and intensive feedback sessions with key stakeholders. Stakeholders involved included representatives from the planning and design community; large landowners and developers; homeowners associations; environmental organizations; agriculture and farming advocates; economic development and tourism representatives; and staff members from all four divisions of the Maui County Planning Department and other arms of local government.

Extensive input was collected through unique surveys developed for internal and external stakeholder groups. The final audit incorporated the feedback received, a comprehensive analysis of Title 19 including how it aligned with associated plans, and an assessment of best practices with recommended strategies for the County to consider in Phase 2 of the project - the code update itself.

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