Connect Franklin, Transportation Plan

A vision and plan for growth and transportation based upon preservation of the unique natural and cultural assets of the community and a desire for connected, walkable, mixed-use districts.


City of Franklin, TN

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Franklin, TN




Land Use Planning, Urban Design, Community Engagement

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CHA Engineering



In association with CHA Engineering, we led the planning tasks for the preparation of an updated city and urban growth area-wide land use plan. The City of Franklin municipal limits encompass approximately 41 square miles, while the urban growth boundary includes an additional 34 square miles of land area. Building on work completed as part of the City of Franklin Comprehensive Transportation Network Plan, the Envision Franklin land use plan update maps a series of 25 unique design concept classifications. Each classification addresses the form and character of development as well as appropriate land uses. Recommendations identify primary and secondary uses, development character and intensity, site design principals, and related transportation infrastructure needs within each design concept.

We utilized the CommunityViz software package to perform a detailed development suitability analysis which analyzed each parcel included in the urban growth boundary. A suitability score was calculated for each parcel based on factors such as flood area, hillsides, stream buffers, utilities, thoroughfares, employment centers, commercial centers, and fire stations. This information will be used in the future as a component of the development review process.

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REA facilitated many work sessions with staff, the public, and elected officials to develop and refine the design concepts. A three-day workshop and series of public meetings was conducted to explain the purpose of the project, gather community concerns, and begin to establish the vision and principles for the plan update. After the design workshop, REA facilitated two additional community-wide meetings including an open house at City Hall and one at the local community college.

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