Town Hall Park

The first priority from Daleville's downtown revitalization plan was the re-imagining of Town Hall Park into an attractive, community anchor that would energize the local economy and attract future businesses and residents.


Town of Daleville

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Daleville, IN




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Daniel Showalter

We led a team of multi-disciplinary consultants to assist the Daleville community in completing a revitalization strategy for their downtown. The goal was to create a multi-purpose, walkable community with amenities attractive to new investment, development, and residents. The downtown plan for a 20-acre area focused on creating amenity infrastructure and integrating downtown housing and retail spaces with an improved town park. We also looked at providing a new multi-modal trail and a reconstructed civic town center.

A dynamic play area was designed to naturally fold into the existing topographical slopes, while the terraced playscape boasts one of the state’s largest splashpads. Elevated catwalks connect to a lower-level playground. The new splash pad and playscape draws young families, and the park’s walking paths, swaths of greenspace, and meandering stream attracts visitors of all ages.

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Since its opening, Town Hall Park has been activated by year-round community programming which includes spring, summer, and winter festivals, a regular concert series and outdoor movies on the lawn. The new picnic shelter is regularly rented for weddings, reunions, and birthday parties.

The park has become a regional attraction for surrounding communities and counties, garnering state-wide interest. Since the first 3 years of the park's opening, the community has seen over $20 million in private investment, including construction of new mixed-income housing, three new businesses, three business expansions and the attraction of new residents. The community is actively pursuing other priorities of the downtown master plan including the development of a trail system and construction of new municipal facilities in the historic commercial core.

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