Sevierville Code Rewrite

The City of Sevierville, Tennessee acts as a key gateway into Great Smoky Mountain National Park. In an effort to create places of more value and character, protect the natural environment, and create a more livable community, it's leaders recognized the need for an update to the dated development code.


City of Sevierville

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Sevierville, TN





Code audit and rewrite

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Orion Planning + Design



In 2015, Sevierville hired Orion Planning + Design and REA to conduct the code analysis. The team approached the project through extensive public engagement, identification of desired development patterns and identification of antiquated code provisions undermining desired quality place making principles. The team assessed relative successes and failures of the existing zoning ordinance in the various planning areas of the city, reviewed peer communities, and developed a set of high-level recommendations for changes to the ordinance. These recommendations included principles to promote pedestrian-oriented and mixed-use developments, protect scenic views and hillsides, embrace the riverfront, changes to the sign code, and organizational changes to make the document easier to use.

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