Market Street Reconstruction

As lead designer, we helped redevelop the east section of Historic Market Street in Downtown Indianapolis. The DPW project transforms the prominent area into a safe and accessible space for pedestrians, bicyclists, and automobiles.


City of Indianapolis, Department of Public Works

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Indianapolis, IN




Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

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CHA Consultants, White Construction



The $8 million project rebuilt this segment of East Market Street, which had not seen a comparable level of repair in decades. In addition to street improvements, new amenities include a raised pedestrian crossing between the City-County Building and the Indianapolis City Market; curb bump-outs to condense motorized traffic; visitor drop-off spaces; and added bike parking. There is also a new pedestrian promenade and veranda in front of the Market Street entrance of the City-County Building. The new pedestrian-friendly features provide easier access to both the City-County Building and City Market and create a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors.

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Elements such as paving, lighting, and finishes were carefully selected to be consistent with those of the award-winning Lugar Plaza located on the south side of the Indianapolis City-County Building.

This East Market Street segment is the initial phase of what will be a comprehensive reconstruction of the "spoke" streets extending from Monument Circle along Market and Meridian streets.

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