Franklin Bike-Ped Master Plan

The City of Franklin undertook an extensive, community-driven planning process to create a bicycle and pedestrian master plan. It outlines a vision for biking and walking in Franklin, with goals and objectives to help guide the implementation of the vision.


City of Franklin

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Franklin, Indiana




Master Planning

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The plan includes infrastructure and program recommendations that are supported by an action-oriented implementation strategy to sustain momentum for the future. The physical improvement recommendations in the plan will increase connectivity, accessibility, and safety for pedestrians and cyclists. The education, encouragement and enforcement programs will foster a culture that values multi-modal transportation and recreation. The improved network will also create additional opportunities to encourage a healthier lifestyle, reduce vehicular miles traveled, support economic development, and catalyze tourism.

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This bike-ped master plan provides a long-term plan for improving biking and walking throughout Franklin. It provides a measured and consistent strategy for implementing the recommended improvements through prioritization and phasing to ensure implementation is manageable and economically responsible.

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