Bicentennial Park

A new downtown park that transforms a former parking area into an active civic gathering space with a versatile performance stage and sculpture revitalizes surrounding development.


Town of Mooresville

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Mooresville, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Hadley Fruits

Bicentennial Park has been as an economic catalyst for downtown Mooresville. The park site was originally identified during a master planning process conducted by REA in conjunction with the Mooresville Economic Development Commission to identify locations and develop schematic designs for gateway and corridor improvements throughout the community.

Designed to be a community gathering space, proposed improvements included a covered stage, civic gathering space, a water feature, a memorial to historic figures of local interest, permanent and moveable seating, paved pedestrian circulation, public restrooms, a green wall, lawn and plant bed areas, and a time capsule.

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A key consideration for the park design was to provide flexible spaces that would serve the community during events, yet be a comfortable destination for daily use and enjoyment. The round stage design permits performances to be easily oriented in different directions, towards two lawn/seating areas. Moveable seating will allow visitors to choose their preferred location, and the sculpture plaza can be used as additional event space.

The memorial to Paul Hadley, creator of the Indiana State Flag, and Samuel Moore, the founder of Mooresville, includes a limestone and metal torch referencing the design of the state flag, as well as a limestone replication of Indiana. A limestone wall flanks the memorial, providing seating adjacent to the water feature and a buffer to the intersection beyond.

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