Elm Street Green

A master plan that celebrates, enhances and connectspeople to native ecosystems and the abundant local wildlife, adding to Zionsville‘sphilosophy of “town within a park.”


City of Zionsville, Parks & Recreation

Project Size:

15.5 acres


Zionsville, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Hadley Fruits

Elm Street Green is a 15.5 acre park located on the eastern edge of historic downtown Zionsville in Boone County, Indiana. The park is divided by the Eagle Creek corridor and situated almost entirely in the floodway. Through our design, we sought to provide residents with a passive recreational resource within an accelerated time frame.

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We led a fast-paced and compact master planning process completed within a two-week timeframe. A community charrette included input from stakeholders, user groups, community leaders, community members and park staff. We then utilized this input to generate three different concepts that responded to the requirements and needs of the community.

The resulting master plan and design included a formal green that pays homage to Zionsville’s quaint downtown character and a meadow overlook that provides a panoramic view of the park. Community garden plots, wetlands, wetland boardwalk, trail network, canoe/kayak access point, bioengineered stormwater features and a naturalistic play area were also integrated throughout.

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