Ohio River Greenway 2040 Vision Plan

A bold vision for that reimagines this riverfront greenway as a world-class linear park, connects a series of destination open spaces, attracts private investment, and strengthens the link between three Ohio river communities.


Ogle Foundation

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New Albany / Jeffersonville / Clarksville, IN




Planning, Landscape Architecture

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REA was commissioned by the Ogle Foundation to prepare the Greenway 2040 Plan, a “refresh” to the 2002 Ohio River Greenway Master Plan. With several sections of multi-use trail constructed, a new vision was needed to broaden the impact of the greenway, create a connected system of signature destinations, and position the greenway as an economic development catalyst that unifies the communities along the Ohio River.

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REA worked with a broad coalition of community stakeholders over 8-months to prepare the plan that outlines several major new enhancements to the greenway, including an interconnected system of destinations, a network of trail routes and loops, branding and gateway elements at key portals, and a 575 acre eco-park. Stretching over seven miles along the Ohio River, the newly imagined greenway offers a distinctive linear park experience that celebrates the region’s rich natural and cultural history, while connecting with the regional park system in Louisville.

The Greenway 2040 Plan outlines an ambitious blueprint for ecological restoration, broad based recreational opportunities, enhanced community connectivity and river accessibility, and strengthened regional economic vitality.

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