Julia M. Carson Transit Center

Creating welcoming, vibrant, and active public spaces with connectivity to multimodal transportation facilities utilizing a progressive and sustainable approach to site design.


City of Indianapolis, IndyGo

Project Size:


Indianapolis, IN




Landscape Architecture

In Association With:

Axis, Guidon



Susan Fleck

Working closely with City leadership and IndyGo – the largest public transportation provider in Indiana – to plan for a new centerpiece of their transportation system, REA crafted a site design for the new downtown transit center that was comfortable and inviting to increase ridership and promote the use and dignity of public transportation. REA helped guide the design of the overall project providing urban design expertise and led the master design of the site, including the building siting, public plaza and surrounding streetscapes. A very important aspect for this project program was organizing the bus bays for efficient circulation to and from the Transit Center and carefully crafting the pedestrian queuing areas with covered connectivity to the main building.

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The new $23M Julia M. Carson Transit Center is an innovative centerpiece for the City of Indianapolis and the region in increasing transportation and mobility.

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