Delaware & Grant Counties Interstate-69 Strategic Development Plan

Investigation of the current and potential economic impact of the Interstate-69 corridor on Delaware and Grant Counties in Indiana.


East Central Indiana Regional Planning District

Project Size:


Delaware & Grant Counties, IN




Planning, Urban Design

In Association With:

VS Engineering; Ball State University Center for Business & Economic Research



Funded by a grant from the United State Economic Development Administration (EDA), the East Central Indiana Regional Planning District (ECIRPD) commissioned a team led by REA with VS  Engineering to investigate the current and potential economic impact of the Interstate 69 corridor on Delaware and Grant Counties.

The study began with an in-depth analysis of the current impact of the interstate on six interchanges within the aforementioned counties.  The process involved regular meetings with a steering committee of local community representatives and series of focus group meetings with stakeholders to determine priorities at each of the interchanges. With an assessment of the existing conditions and what has driven economic development, the design team proposed planning principles and specific projects related to development, utilities, transportation, gateways, and parks and open space for each of the interchanges and surrounding communities.  

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We also partnered with Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research (CBER) to forecast the potential economic development impact of the recommended projects and interstate on the counties into the future. Upon completion of the report, the ECIRPD has been seeking additional planning and construction funding for the completion of recommended projects.

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