Purdue University, Memorial Union

Purdue Memorial Union is the cornerstone of campus and a historic landmark. It's mission is to provide spaces that foster an inclusive environment and enrich student life and community experience.


Purdue University

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The PMU is not currently accessible for all abilities and was a contributing factor in the re-design of its courtyard spaces. The space adjacent to the existing structure presented complex challenges, such as selectively demolishing existing elements while integrating new design features.

The new courtyards will be transformational. They will provide an inclusive experience and arrival to the PMU that has never been possible by all abilities. The west courtyard has an sloped walk that traverses to the PMU's ground floor with a new entry and vestibule. Movable tables and chairs give visitors choices to dine or study. Comfortable lounge seating with cantilevered umbrellas are located around a fire pit to encourage lingering and conversation. The east courtyard has been designed for entertainment with a small stage with integrated power and lighting. Additional tables and chairs and lounge seating provide seating for viewing a performance.

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