Fishers Bike-Ped Master Plan

This bicycle and pedestrian master plan was created to enhance a system that would provide residents with attractive alternative transportation choices and recreational opportunities.  


City of Fishers

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Fishers, IN




Master planning

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Toole Design



The goal of the plan was to create a comprehensive system of facilities making walking and cycling in Fishers more viable options for residents and visitors. The system will promote healthy living, enhance Fishers’ high quality of life while increasing opportunities for exercise and recreation by increasing connectivity to key destinations. The plan serves as an important tool for city staff and the development community in creating a complete bicycle and pedestrian network.

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The process included an intensive public outreach and communications strategy which utilized public meetings, social media campaigns, and an interactive online mapping tool. The online mapping tool allowed residents to draw existing and desired routes and identify issues within the community. In addition, we recommended policy improvements to supplement the physical improvements of the plan.

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