Monon Boulevard Expansion

The expansion of Monon Boulevard by another 2 city blocks will solidify it as not only an iconic space, but as the community’s beloved backyard. Our design approach to this space had to be two-fold; retain the style and character of the Boulevard that was established in the first construction, and yet redefine the area for new uses and new developments.


City of Carmel

Project Size:

0.15 miles


Carmel, Indiana



Future Construction


Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

In Association With:

Lynch Harrison Brumleve, The Engineering Collaborative, Studio Axis, and Crossroad Engineers



The site for the intended expansion is due south of the already completed portion of Monon Boulevard, beginning at Walnut Street and continuing down to City Center Drive. It features a 12-ft wide paved trail in an old train corridor with a flat manicured lawn on one side and screening trees on the other. In this new space, we drove the design process in a way that pulled the meandering walking and biking paths and parallel parking spaces of the Boulevard halfway down the corridor, leaving surrounding open lawn space for community gathering and future amenities.

Vehicle access to the Boulevard ends halfway through the corridor, let out through the future Plaza Street towards downtown Carmel. We then strategically tailored the differing space usages of the lower portion to complement the future commercial developments that would populate the area. We created an open-air sheltered community dining space directly in path of the future front doors of a public food hall that will occupy the east side of the Boulevard. The future Great American Songbook Museum on the west side will open out onto a playground we designed that features musical elements. Our design team filled the intervening spaces with favorite amenities, including public art installments, a rentable beer garden, shaded benches and tables, a novel swing set enclosure, and bicycle parking.

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This ambitious project will seamlessly integrate an extra two blocks into Carmel's thriving Midtown greenway, further enhancing the already impressive landscape. The Boulevard addition will provide even more space for the city’s extensive programming and for visitors to experience the outdoors and each other.

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