Switchyard Park

Switchyard Park transformed a former railyard into a destination signature park that enhances connectivity to nearby neighborhoods, provides significant recreational amenities, community gathering and event spaces, and has catalyzed reinvestment in surrounding properties.


City of Bloomington, Parks & Recreation Department

Project Size:

65 acres




October 2019


Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Construction Inspection

In Association With:

Axis, Bruce Carter Environmental Consultants, VS Engineering, TEC, Lynch Harrison & Brumleve, Ecologic



Hadley Fruits

Our design process included a robust community engagement effort featuring public meetings, a design workshop, social media, and community events.

The park features a multi-purpose pavilion and event space, police substation, performance stage, picnic shelters, public restrooms, spray plaza, custom playscape, dog park, urban style skatepark, community gardens, outdoor fitness stations, sports courts, and new trails.

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We developed a comprehensive ecological restoration strategy including environmental remediation, habitat restoration, and stream corridor restoration.

The project has had a profound impact on the city’s economic, social, and environmental well-being and provides a model for employing strategic investment in high quality public space, innovative planning and design, and resilient design solutions for generational community benefit. Switchyard Park has become a beloved community asset, attracting thousands of weekly visitors.

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