Trades District Vision Plan

A vision plan outlines development guidelines for the redevelopment of Trades District, a sub-area of the larger Bloomington Certified Technology Park. The district is envisioned to be a high activity, innovation center comprised of office, restaurant, and housing development with a focus on tech employment.


City of Bloomington

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October 2019


Urban Design, Planning

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The plan reflects recent investments by the city and private developers, as well as a potential development program and capture rates prepared by Greenstreet. The plan includes a variety of office spaces to support job density and business growth; mixed housing products including condominiums, apartments, and townhomes; enhanced streetscapes to reinforce district character; a series of public and private open spaces to provide places of interest and opportunities for gathering; and use of natural topography to diminish the impact of structured parking facilities.

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Deliverables included a market analysis, existing conditions assessment, master plan and presentation renderings, and development guidelines to support implementation of the master plan vision. These guidelines highlight building form, massing, setbacks, open space, and architectural character to reinforce a more organic development pattern reflective of the vibrancy and variety in downtown Bloomington. Ultimately, the vision plan is being used to better communicate the City’s intent for this transformational area and market redevelopment opportunities to local, regional, and national developers.

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