The Parklands

The Parklands is a scenic 75-acre premier nature park. Following the city’s purchase of a private golf course, Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz created a citizen advisory team to determine the land’s future. This resulted in a concept of a managed meadows which would keep much of the grounds in a natural state.


City of Jasper, Parks & Recreation

Project Size:

75 acres


Jasper, IN




Landscape Architecture

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Working closely with the city and the parks department, we developed a master plan that included three lakes, prairie restoration, wetland, mature woods, and reforestation areas. New amenities include a lakeside pavilion, splash pad, boardwalks, water cascades, an adventure play area, a tree fort, and fitness stations.

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Two miles of accessible trails, a signature pedestrian bridge and approximately twenty-five acres of woodlands were made possible by benefactors and the Indiana Bicentennial Nature Trust. The project has strong community support with nearly one-third of the project’s total funding coming from grants or in-kind contributions. The Parklands has quickly become a regional park destination.

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