Greenwood Downtown Plan & Implementation

Conceptual design and implementation strategy for streetscape, open space, and mixed-use redevelopment opportunities, focused on increased connectivity, improving the pedestrian experience, and spurring private investment.


City of Greenwood

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Greenwood, IN




Planning, Urban Design

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The plan outlines detailed design concepts, project definition, and implementation strategies for the revitalization of Greenwood's downtown core. Known locally as the Old Town area, this was the community's original commercial center before the introduction of a regional mall built in the mid-1960’s.

Streetscape enhancements were proposed for major corridors to promote walkability, calm traffic, enhance pedestrian and bicycle safety and friendliness, and provide greater connectivity to community destinations. Recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle trails form connections between the many parks and civic amenities in and around the City core; the proposed trail network creates a framework for an ambitious plan of new mixed-use development. Proposed improvements to Old City Park included creek enhancement and restoration, a creekside promenade, events lawn and distinctive play environments.

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We also developed sub-area plans for key redevelopment sites including a new City Center and a 20-acre development located on the site of the former middle school. This new development has residential, retail, and commercial uses within a dense, walkable, and green setting. We created a preliminary cost opinion and phasing aligned with projected funding availability, and an analysis of potential tax revenues based on the development program.

Upon completion of the plan, we have continued to work with the city to implement several projects, including new streets and roadway infrastructure, park improvements, and trail connections. Most recently we completed a multimodal streetscape project along Madison Ave.; construction of a new multimodal street named Surina Way to connect Madison and Meridian Streets; Pleasant Creek Trail which connects Surina Square and Old City Park; streetscape enhancements to Main Street from Meridian to Madison and Emerson Ave. from County Line Rd. to Main St.; and the redesign of Old City Park. REA is leading the design and implementation of all of these projects and our consultant teams include both CrossRoad Engineers and VS Engineering.

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