Overley-Worman Park

Overley-Worman Park is a new 45 acre park within the floodplain of Eagle Creek characterized by varying terrain with disturbed, wooded, and steeply sloping areas. The park will fill a recreational need for the Town of Zionsville and surrounding areas. A key program component will be mountain bike trails for bikers of different skill levels including a pump track, advanced skills trails, and basic trails for younger riders and those learning to ride.


Town of Zionsville, Parks & Recreation

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45 acres


Zionsville, IN



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Landscape Architecture

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We led the initial master plan process that included an intensive 3-day community design workshop with stakeholder interviews, public input sessions, and a public presentation of the results. Upon completion of the plan, we led a multidisciplinary team in the preparation of design and construction documents for this hybrid adventure / nature park. During the design phase, we created a highly successful and interactive virtual workshop with community surveys and video presentation of the park design to inform the community and obtain feedback.

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Additional features and amenities include multi-use trails, nature play and traditional playgrounds, picnic shelters, restrooms, woodland overlooks, a fishing pond, reforestation, and habitat restoration along the Eagle Creek watershed. REA also led the design of a 3,000 linear foot extension of the adjacent Big-4 Rail Trail along the northwestern boundary of the park. This connection facilitates pedestrian and bicycle access to the park across the iconic closed-spandrel concrete arch bridge over Eagle Creek.

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