Campus Martius Park

The City of Detroit’s downtown area has become a dynamic destination through the development of Campus Martius Park. As a multi-faceted gathering space, it offers special features and year-round events. Campus Martius is a place for people to gather, and a place for rest and reflection. Its connecting streets form a walkable new district. Since its opening, the park has accelerated downtown Detroit’s resurgence as a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly commercial, retail, and entertainment area.


Detroit 300 Conservancy / Downtown Detroit Partnership

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Detroit, MI




Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

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Jason Keen

According to the former Mayor, Dennis Archer, ”The Campus Martius District sets a new standard for public space and creates a downtown that serves as a destination point for residents and visitors alike throughout the entire year.”  Campus Martius Park, along with improvements to five radiating streets, has become one of the most important public spaces in the country.

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Working with the city and the Detroit 300 Conservancy, we led the multidisciplinary team that developed plans for over $25 million in site improvements for the centerpiece park and the streetscapes, including fountains, public gardens, lighting and sound, public artwork, signage, and historical markers.

The park has generated over $500 million in adjacent economic development and is known as “Detroit’s Gathering Space.”  

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