Elkhart Comprehensive Plan Implementation

Preparing for new opportunities and investment over the next 20 years through a Comprehensive Plan update and phased implementation.


City of Elkhart, Planning & Zoning Department

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Elkhart, IN




Land Planning, Zoning

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The City of Elkhart’s Planning & Zoning Department initiated a process to update its Comprehensive Land Use Plan and revise the planning and development direction for the City. The initial comprehensive plan was completed by Cynthia Bowen and Adam Peaper prior to joining REA. As the City of Elkhart, the State of Indiana, and the nation recover and re-adjust to the economic impacts of the 2008 and 2020 recessions, the city is preparing itself for new opportunities and investment over the next 20 years through its Comprehensive Plan Update.

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The plan addressed four primary planning themes: 1) land use, 2) transportation, 3) environment and design, and 4) economic development. Phase I explored the concept of community livability in terms of land use, housing, and mobility and how the city’s livability indicators support future investment and economic development endeavors. A physical assessment, demographic, housing, and economic analysis of the community was completed and led to the development of a new community vision. All phases of the plan included extensive public outreach and coordination through public open houses, steering committee meetings, and focus group discussions.

We provide on-call services to Elkhart each year focusing the services on an aspect of plan implementation.

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