Lebanon Redefined, Comprehensive Plan

Lebanon Redefined is a comprehensive plan that outlines a vision and strategic framework for future development in Lebanon. The city’s 2007 plan did not reflect today’s realities or respond to changing conditions. Most importantly, it no longer represented the goals of the community. A new kind of plan was essential.


City of Lebanon

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January 2020



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We worked with city leaders to develop the first online-only comprehensive plan in Indiana. We began by mapping out a project website that would serve as a living document, easily accessible to residents, developers, and business owners. We partnered with a specialized website designer to launch lebanonredefined.com at the beginning of the process. As we documented existing conditions and created a visioning framework, we used the site to share project information, gather survey responses, and promote in-person events. At the end of the planning process, the website transitioned into an interactive and accessible comprehensive plan.

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The plan outlines a 20-year vision for the city of Lebanon, broken down into six key policy and physical elements. Eighteen key initiatives put the plan into action. On the interactive site, users can dive deep into each initiative to understand its status and how it relates to the city’s vision. Pending, in progress, and completed icons track each initiative, allowing community members to track progress in real-time, at any time — from their offices, living rooms, or pockets.

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