Ball State University, East Mall Master Plan

A master plan that envisions an iconic campus open space, establishes better circulation, and unifies the campus core.


Ball State University

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Muncie, IN




Urban Design, Landscape Architecture

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Ball State University engaged us to prepare a master plan for a new East Mall. The plan unifies fragmented spaces between buildings and better organizes pedestrian and vehicular routes. It also establishes a stronger connection between the academic and residential campus core and the restaurants and shops in the Village.

The plan includes the separation of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicular systems that link student gathering spaces and destinations. The reordered circulation system reconfigures the Martin Street corridor, integrates the Muncie Arts & Culture Trail, and creates drop-off areas that accommodate larger vehicles. By establishing a circulation hierarchy, service traffic becomes reduced, and the campus core becomes a more hospitable environment for students.

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The plan also calls for improved gathering and queuing space along Riverside Avenue. This space will feature artwork and sitting gardens, and complement the building addition to Emens Auditorium. A commons area adjacent to Bracken Library serves as a pedestrian bridge between the East Mall and University Green.

This re-imagined East Mall will also feature a dedicated bicycle facility and performance stage, and will implement earth-kind technologies for storm water capture, as well as new lighting and sound systems.

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