St. Joseph County Comprehensive Plan

The creation of a new St. Joseph County Comprehensive Plan will illustrate a vibrant vision for the future by guiding elected and appointed officials, staff, developers, and the public.  


St. Joseph County

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St. Joseph County, IN




Planning, Urban Design, Community & Stakeholder Engagement

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The County determined that with past changes and current opportunities, a new comprehensive plan was needed. Our planning process outlined a vision and a strategic framework of eight pillars that support the vision that become the building blocks for the plan. These pillars include land use, economic development, transportation, housing, environmental stewardship, farmland preservation, government and policy, utilities, and quality of life.

Each pillars goals, maps, and recommendations are developed by working groups formed by subject matter experts and the public. A total of over 300 people are currently involved in the development of these pillars.

These pillars will plan for future development, redevelopment, and community building projects within the County as well as preserve key resources and prime farmland. It will also ensure that the county is able to maintain a high quality of life for residents and is economically competitive to attract businesses, jobs, and residents.

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The community engagement process has strived to be inclusive through both online and in person techniques, and meeting people where they are. A project task force oversees and provides insight to the planning team. Meetings include a variety of  exercises to help determine the appropriate direction of plan elements. A Summit event was organized by the planning team to serve as a kick off to the working group meetings. There has been significant use of the project website by community residents. The planning team created a 'meeting in a box' to assist task force members with materials and prompts to obtain feedback easily.

REA is managing the overall project, as well as leading land use planning, economic development, quality of life, urban design, day to day communication and overall direction of the project. The draft plan is scheduled to be released in Summer of 2023 after broad public input has been solicited.

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