Jack Elstro Plaza

After helping the City of Richmond secure a “Stellar Community” designation, REA focused on the design for a new downtown urban park - one of several projects identified to catalyze redevelopment in Richmond’s downtown.


City of Richmond

Project Size:

2 acres


Richmond, IN




Landscape Architecture

In Association With:




Daniel Showalter

Developed in tandem with a new multi-use path system and improvements to other city parks nearby, Jack Elstro Plaza provides a critical link to the community’s historic districts, open space amenities, neighborhoods, and major thoroughfares.

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A gathering lawn was placed in the center of the square with a performance pavilion for festivals and events. The spray plaza, restroom building, and passive seating opportunities are located on the edges of green. The city has developed regularly scheduled programs and events that activate the park and the downtown throughout all seasons of the year, including the Winter Ice Festival, weekly farmer’s market, concert series, and movies on the lawn.

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